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   Feature Creature came about because I was just plain tired of going from web page to web page to web page to read my favorite comics. I read several daily comics; however I found it a pain to remember to go to all of them every single day. Then on some days I might not even have time to go to any of them. I found that I would easily end up falling behind and then I would just give up and drop several comics. So I decided to write this program to automate my daily "Feature" fix and keep me up to date.

Version 1.00 of this project was actually running internally in late 2000; I have finally decided to polish it up enough to release it as a shareware product and see if there is any other interest in Feature Creature.

Unfortunately, do to its success the authors of the actual content didn't really like my system; so Feature Creature 1.0 was disabled since it included all the bookmarks with it.

I went back to the drawing board and now v2.00 is released. This product is a generic offline browser. It support RSS Feeds, Images, Text, Java, Objects, Movies, what your browser supports, Feature Creature can support.

Rather than include any bookmarks, Feature Creature 2.00 supports an all new bookmark wizards which will allow you to easily bookmark virtually any type content; it also supports an advanced scripting language which will allow you flexability to do what you want.

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